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Are you fed up with the hamster wheel of dating?
Are you wasting time and money on dates that go nowhere leaving you disinterested in dating anyone?
Do you wonder when you’ll find your true partner?
Are you stuck thinking of a past relationship that gets in the way of new love?
Couples! Are you dancing around important issues fearful to talk openly because of the fallout it may cause?
Do you find yourselves harping on the same few issues without any progress or solution?
Are you stuck in a rut or a comfort zone consisting of working, eating, watching TV, and sleeping with weekends for family obligations and running errands?
Take back your love life and recharge your relationship starting with your relationship with yourself!
We all deserve the profound growth that comes with being in the right, committed relationship. Before we can seek out another, we must look inward and get honest. We must make our relationship with ourselves top priority. When we love ourselves first and most, we begin to manifest amazing things in our lives. True love, great health, financial prosperity, YOU ARE WORTHY of these things.Close your eyes and see yourself 5,10 years from now. Are you alone? Or… are you enjoying a purposeful life with a true partner, a lover, a best friend who has your back.
If you are ready to truly commit to finding, giving and keeping love in your life then don’t delay! Don’t overthink it. You’re on this website for a reason. There are no accidents.

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Originally written in fall, 2016. Therapy is a fascinating thing. Each week the psychologist plants these brain bombs that go off long after the session ends; 90% of therapy is done outside of the session. It’s the work you do on yourself in between sessions where the unraveling and discoveries happen. I always knew I was codependent but I never did anything about it. I heard the word come up several times and I’d feel a physical nudge inside. The Universe sets it up where Law of Attraction gives us exactly what we need to grow. When you don’t pay attention, the lessons come harder until it’s impossible to ignore. Almost 3 months ago I started to research codependency and what I was reading resonated but this time there was no escaping. I must commit 100% to fully to healing myself and that means entering my crash course on codependency.…